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When someone close to you dies the Will Executors may be asked to obtain a Grant of Probate, which is their authority to deal with the Legal Administration of the estate. We can help you by completing the Probate Forms and submitting them to the Probate Registry, as we are Probate Solicitors specialising in Administration Law and winding up estates.

If the Deceased did not leave a will they are said to have died Intestate and this will be an Intestacy Probate case where a grant of Letters of Administration is required. We can help deal with Intestacy by completing the Probate Forms and submitting them to the Probate Office.

As well as applying for Probate or Letters of Administration, which are both referred to as Grant of Representation, we provide full Probate Services if required. As a Will Executor or the beneficiary of an Intestate you may wish to instruct us to deal with the Estate Property by registering the Grant of Representation, calculating the Inheritance Tax collecting the assets and discharging the liabilities of the estate and distributing the legacies and residue in accordance with your Administration Duties.

We specialise in the Administration of Estates where there are assets in England and Wales. Our Probate Fees are very competitive and the work is carried out under the supervision of a member of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) who will act as your Probate Solicitor when obtaining the Grant of Representation.

Making applications to Probate Wills or to apply Intestacy Laws can be complex and we will guide you through the process in a cost effective and efficient manner saving you the need to attend at your local District Probate Registry. Our fee for obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration using our Online Application Service are £275.00 plus VAT plus the Court Fee, if an Affidavit is required in support of the Will we will charge a further £15.00 plus VAT.

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