Elmhirst Parker LLP is a member of LawNet, the national network of over 60 independent law firms based across the UK.

LawNet was established in 1989 to enable a collaborative, non competing national network where independent, medium sized law firms could access big firm resources and benefit from collective purchasing, shared knowledge, best practice and expertise.

LawNet member firms are all committed to the provision of legal services of the highest quality and as membership provides access to resources normally only available in the largest law firms, you can be sure that the quality of service you receive, is second to none.

Through LawNet, the firm is also a member of Eurojuris, the leading network of law firms in Europe, covering 630 different cities/locations in more than 40 countries worldwide. This membership provides our clients with access to a wide range of respected legal experts in Europe as well as in the UK.

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